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The vadiMAP solution is based on a user-friendly online platform, an approach led by a feasibility study expert and our NGSE (NanoGrid Simulation Engine) which aggregates the data available on the market with the particularities of your building to provide you a personalized renewable energy system prescription.

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What does the prescription contain?

  • Economic analysis
  • Avoided hours of outages
  • Avoided tons of CO2
  • Energy curves
  • Technical specifications of the system
  • Local financial incentives' programs
  • Personalized recommendations by the project manager

Why choose a vadiMAP prescription over traditional engineering?

  Traditional Engineering vadiMAP MAP 1 vadiMAP MAP 2
Cost over $10,000 $1,500 $2,500
Feasibility study
Optimized to reach your economic, resiliency and sustainable objectives
Year round electrical and thermal building load simulation
Several electricity tariffs simulation
Peak shaving and demand response simulation
Credit of the feasibility study cost if project executed with vadimUS
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*This condition applies for only 2 years. vadiMAP selects the best partners to ensure customer satisfaction.

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For building end-users or owners

MAP 1 - $1,500 CAD

With 2 years exclusivity*

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*With MAP 1, your organization accepts to complete your nanogrid project through the vadiMAP process with our installer partner. At the installation of your nanogrid, you will receive a credit equivalent to the price paid for the prescription report.

MAP 2 - $2,500 CAD

No exclusivity**

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**With MAP 2, your organization can decide to complete the project whenever you are ready and with the company of your choice. If you do decide to move forward through the vadiMAP process with our installer partner, you will receive a credit equivalent to the price paid for the prescription report at the installation of your nanogrid.

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