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vadiMAP is a one-stop solution for organizations seeking to achieve NetZero goals.

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Your solution for all your buildings, regardless of their location, with pre-qualified partners.

Our Solutions

vadiMAP Prescription

Your tailored Feasibility Study, for a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional engineering.

Your optimal energy system selected among 1,000 AI-generated configurations.

MAPremium Subscription

Use our online dashboard to visualize the energy performance of every building, with online tracking and 24/7 remote support, and receive unlimited updates on the most advanced technologies. With MAPremium, we become your energy transition partner.

Enterprise Planner

For multisite owners, prioritize the conversion of your buildings based on your company objectives and generate building portfolio performance reports.

Achieve your Objectives

  • Save on your energy costs

  • Make your building(s) more resilient and self-sufficient

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

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Full Energy Potential
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