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Use Cases



A pharmaceutical company has major concerns about frequent power outages, any outage lasting more than 25 ms generates a cost of 250 000 $US (product loss, salaries, production reset, maintenance, etc.).



A manufacturer has concerns related to power outages translating into a $5000 per hour loss (production cycle stops which brings product loss, while fixed costs remain: salaries, production line reset, maintenance, etc.). He is also looking for a carbon footprint reduction for his building.

vadimUS is a proud innovator of the Solar Impulse Foundation with its vadiMAP solution, the only solution out of all Efficient Solutions around the world to provide optimal nanogrids to savvy building owners – thanks to artificial intelligence.

Samuel Durette, B. Eng.
Project Manager, vadiMAP Solution

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"vadiMAP is exactly the solution that's missing in the industry! There's such a need for clients to be able to quickly evaluate what are the benefits of using solar PV and be able to compare it with other technologies."

- Mike Perrault, President Rematek-Énergie

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