vadiMAP - Collaboration to accelerate the development of a solution

For the development of a collective intelligence towards renewable energies

January 14, 2021

vadiMAP - Collaboration to accelerate the development of a solution

The climate emergency and the complexity of implementing concrete ecological measures require modern civilizations to use new approaches. In order to ensure an efficient energy transition, a learning and co-creating community between all the energy players becomes essential. Indeed, the collaborative spirit becomes more than necessary in achieving these ambitious goals. Besides, the 2020 pandemic shows us that we must be ready to adapt quickly to unfamiliar situations. This health crisis has forced us to rapidly improve the performance of telecommuting technologies that allow us to break down boundaries and increase opportunities for collaborative meetings. We must advocate a collaboration that will make it possible to bring benefits to all.    

In fact, collaboration helps propel solutions in business sectors so broad that it would be very difficult to do so without this alliance. This collaborative spirit makes it possible to acquire experience in a whole new way, but also to ensure continuous improvement towards a common goal. The resolution of complex problems, thanks to a multidisciplinary team, is simplified since all the key actors contribute with their respective knowledge to create the strongest solutions. 

The complexity and abundance of specific situations behind the energy transition in buildings require arduous research in a variety of subjects, each with their own challenges. An innovative solution requires detailed and proven knowledge of all aspects surrounding it. This represents a large-scale job which, thanks to effective collaboration, avoids the repetition of errors and thus reduces the time required to complete each task. The experience of people that went through complex processes are indeed of great importance to avoid any gaps in the solution. This collaboration makes it possible to get external opinions, new ideas and constructive comments to optimize a solution. An innovative and turnkey solution such as vadiMAP requires this broad fields of expertise to ensure an energy transition that is both rapid and optimal.  

Buildings represent an important lever in the fight against climate change given their impact on global energy consumption. Therefore, the vadiMAP solution has prioritized a close and two-way collaboration with its partners to take advantage of synergies to achieve increased performance. Knowledge sharing and these dynamic worktables have allowed continuous innovation while maintaining compliance with industry standards.  

Using an agile development method and a collaborative network, a solution such as vadiMAP was able to grow quickly and efficiently. Despite its young age, the solution has already gone through several review processes thanks to the expertise of its collaborative members. 

The green economic recovery will be much more effective with the development of a collective intelligence towards renewable energies. While reducing competition, collaborations allow real mutual assistance and promote an interactive climate to create a fertile ground for innovations beneficial to all. 

For the creation of vadiMAP solution, unique in its kind, vadimUS was able to count on numerous collaborators who made it possible to enter the market more quickly and efficiently. We would like to thank our dear collaborators.


Samuel Durette


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