How we do it

The vadiMAP solution is based on a user-friendly online platform, an approach led by a specialized project manager and our NGSE (NanoGrid Simulation Engine) which aggregates the data available on the market with the particularities of your building to provide you a personalized renewable energy system prescription.

The goal: to offer the ideal renewable energy system to optimize the potential of your buildings in their geographic, energy and operational contexts.

The process is quick and supported by our experts: Following a 30 to 60 minutes meeting, vadiMAP presents an analysis perfectly adapted to your needs and expectations, all thanks to its online platform. This validated prescription is one of a kind. It makes it possible to create an energy transformation plan in a fraction of the time and costs billed by traditional consulting firms.

Time will be allowed to ask questions and evaluate several options to achieve your goals. Then, vadiMAP takes care of coordinating the installation through our local prequalified partners.

How we do it

  • Analysis:

    Online questionnaire with the assistance of a project manager. This meeting will take a maximum of 1 hour.

  • Prescription:

    Feasibility analysis included in the customized vadiMAP prescription report (5 to 9 pages).

  • Quotation:

    Turnkey process with one of our prequalified installation partners for local products and services.

  • Installation:

    In collaboration with the vadiMAP project manager, achievement of your project with the prequalified installation partner.

  • Satisfaction:

    From the start until the commissioning of the project, your satisfaction is our team's priority. We seek to develop a long-term relationship with our clients.

What does the prescription contain?

  • Economic analysis
  • Avoided hours of outages
  • Avoided tons of CO2
  • Energy curves
  • Technical specifications of the system
  • Local financial incentives' programs
  • Personalized recommendations by the project manager

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